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Location: Cheatham Annex, VA
Client: US Navy, LANTDIV

Excavation, removal and restoration of abandoned landfills; soil sampling, transportation and disposal of TSCA regulated PCB waste and debris; UXO removal; regulatory interface with state and federal agencies. Bhate managed and supervised the excavation, removal and disposal of 21,500 yd3 of PCB, pesticides, and organic contaminated soil, along with a variety of solid waste debris, including empty drums, abandoned cars, scrap steel and concrete debris. As prime contractor, Bhate provided project management, construction QC oversight, project work plan development (for various plans), validation and confirmatory sampling and analysis of soils/sediments, topographical surveys, solid waste management/disposal, site restoration, wetlands restoration, streambank protection through the placement of breakwaters and geo-tubes along the shoreline, and closure report.

“The work done by Bhate is not unpredictable—It is always first class. Customer service is their greatest asset. Their ability to provide innovative solutions in the field is a close second.”

–Linda Cole, PE, RPM, NAVFAC/Atlantic Division

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