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Location: Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
Client: US Army Engineering and Support Center (USAESC), Huntsville, AL

This Facility Renovation and Repair (FRR) project included converting an existing structure into an Emergency Generator building to house four Government Provided 2.5 MW generators and associated electrical components. The end result was a facility that would provide emergency power to the entire Dugway Proving Ground complex.

As the Prime Contractor, Bhate demolished the old slab and footers in the existing emergency powerhouse facility; installed a 60’x65’x1’ concrete floor slab along with four 8’x24’x6’ generator pads, installed a roofing system, constructed a 14’x24’ addition for a control room and restroom, and installed four 2.5 MW generators. Tasks included installing three, 12,000-gallon concrete encased ASTs; four, 275-gallon day tanks; remote fuel offload station; emergency high-level and leak detection alarm system; fuel cleaning system; and more than 2K linear feet of Schedule 40, welded, insulated, and heated, fuel system supply lines. Bhate installed new 40K CFM makeup air units and exhaust fans; four radiator cooling systems for new generators; and 4 heavy-duty exterior exhaust systems for the units. Bhate installed new electrical switch gear and wiring in the renovated emergency generator building and control room, including a permanent load bank. Bhate made extensive modifications and upgrades to two electric substations, the 44 kV transmission circuits, the 12.47 distribution circuits, and modified each electric system component.

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