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Location: Avon Park AFR, FL
Client: GSA

As part of GSA Storage Tank Inspections (STI) project, Bhate performed repairs on aboveground fuel storage tanks at Avon Park Air Force Range. Bhate prepared tank surfaces and applied coatings (Including piping); installed 3″ normal vent on primary tanks of AST and reduced the existing 3″ fill port to a 2″ fill port; installed check valves at remote fill location and level gauge that is readable during transfer; installed alternate filling method; labeled accurate tank volume on tank visible from fill location; installed fireproofing on tank supports and additional support for electrical conduit; replaced/ repaired fuel dispensers with spill containment; installed proper emergency stop switches at least 75′ from tank; relocated fuel dispensers and offload connections per NFPA 30 standards; and replaced all 3″ threaded piping with welded pipe. All 2” piping and fittings were replaced with socket-welded pipe and fittings.

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