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Location: Germany, Belgium, Italy, and The Netherlands
Client: U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center (USAESC), Huntsville

Bhate developed Operational Maintenance Support Information (OMSI) Manuals for 57 fuel facilities in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands to provide a comprehensive, organized library of as-built materials, equipment, and systems to be used as the first step in solving operational, maintenance, repair, or spill response problems. Bhate’s team developed manuals by conducting site visits to obtain site-specific facility equipment inventories, procedures, and personnel responsibilities for each of the 57 facilities in eight weeks. The fuel facilities included:

  • Class III facilities (including rail and truck loading and off-loading, transfers from pipeline and between tanks)
  • POL Points (including truck loading and off-loading)</li?
  • Transportation motor pools (TMPs) (primarily mogas and diesel dispensing facilities)

The OMSI manuals included:

  • General and historical site information
  • Personnel and organizational responsibilities
  • Safety guidelines and MSDSs
  • Equipment inventories (including tanks, dispensers/fill stands, oil/water separators)
  • Normal operational procedures (including use of the ATG/leak detection systems, Fuel Master systems, corrosion protection systems) including flow diagrams
  • Spill response procedures to address pollution prevention (P2) concerns and equipment use (including diagrams showing emergency response equipment and probable flow pathways)

The OMSI manuals for the Class III facilities also included detailed valve tagging and/or inventorying; detailed flow diagrams and inventories for all normal operational pumps, filters, tanks, and valves; and valve alignment charts for normal operations.

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