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Location: Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL
Client: USACE- Omaha

This USACE special project was for the installation of a primary and secondary temperature compensation meter and a primary and secondary proving station at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Bhate provided engineering design and construction services to install a new temperature compensating meter and meter proving station. The design was performed and signed by a registered professional engineer. The design analysis and design package included the basis of design, detailed calculations, detailed drawings and additional supporting documentation.

The construction portion of the contract included executing all work depicted in the design documents. A new temperature compensating meter was installed in an existing system along with a new meter proving station. All work was done on an existing system where fuel had to be drained from the system and tie-ins made at the completion of work. The new meter and meter proving station was tested upon completion with base fuels and USACE personnel in attendance. Work associated with the new meter and meter proving station included installing a new concrete curbed containment area, new pipe supports, new piping and pipe support coatings, electrical and controls, valve installation, pressure relief assemblies, and testing and startup.

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