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Location: Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL
Client: USACE, Omaha District

Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama has a large chlorinated solvent plume that expands over three miles north to south and is approximately ½-mile wide. An engineered remedial action involving the injection of zero-valent iron (ZVI), emulsified vegetable oil (EVO), sodium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate was conducted to eliminate or reduce the amount of off-Base contamination reaching Maxwell AFB by treating a hot-spot at SS-008. Work associated included remediation of groundwater contamination, which is a portion of the 3 mile long, ½ mile wide, plume (OU1). Bhate conducted multi-horizon subsurface investigations, pilot testing, remedial design, remedial action, remedial action operation, remedial process and optimization, performance monitoring, and reporting. Bhate used in-situ enhanced bioremediation (ISEB) and micro-scale zero-valent iron (ZVI) to treat groundwater. The highest trichloroethene (TCE) concentration (4,090 ppb) in groundwater was detected in the intermediate groundwater zone

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