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Location: Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters, New Orleans, LA
Client: US Army Engineering and Support Center (USAESC), Huntsville, AL

The Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) Bases, located in 49 states and Puerto Rico, were in need of Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) training facilities for the reservists to hone their martial arts skills during weekends and annual drills. MARFORRES provided a general design concept for the facilities to the U.S. Army Engineering Support Center/Huntsville (USAESCH). Bhate researched the needs of the training program and developed a reproducible design that can be erected at any Base location, with only footer modifications for Hurricane-prone regions. The structure features design flexibilities to address snow-loading in Alaska, seismic conditions in California, and winds up to 120 mph along hurricane-prone coastal regions. Bhate has completed 44 training facilities in 19 states. Subsequent to the original design approval, Bhate engineered an upgrade modification to the pit area that provided 40% more usable surface at a minimal 2% in additional cost. The facilities include a 6-station pull-up bar to increase the units’ function for improved physical fitness.

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