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Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Client: US Army Engineering Support Center (USAESC), Huntsville, AL

Bhate, as Prime, demolished 40 structures (200,166 ft2), and removed 21,000 linear feet of water, sewer, and gas lines. Water and sewer lines contained transite pipe, which had to be removed and disposed of properly. Thirty-two (32) structures contained asbestos, with a total of 176.58 tons of asbestos being abated during the project. Bhate removed OSHA Class I and Class II materials. Class I materials required full containment with negative air machines. Air monitoring was performed during abatement to ensure safety of people outside of buildings. Air clearance sampling was performed after the abatement was complete to ensure worker safety. Demolition debris was disposed of as non-hazardous waste. 67.28% of the waste stream was recycled.

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