Geospatial Integration

Bhate provides a broad range of technology-based consulting, design, modeling, technical, geointegration, and support services. The scope of these services addresses spatial information, collaborative applications, and preparedness capabilities, and extensive IT sustainment needs. Bhate’s core capabilities leverage advanced technology and our expert knowledge base to help clients visualize, collaborate, and manage their information. Bhate harnesses the power of spatial technology by leveraging our spatial integration team’s comprehensive visualization knowledge and management expertise. Our development and sustainment of spatial information management solutions improves our government and private sector clients’ operational efficiencies by using decision support tools to avoid cost and save valuable time.

Our government clients depend on Bhate to provide comprehensive services to address their visualization needs and solutions that minimize impacts to their mission.  Bhate utilizes and employs all major geographic information system (GIS) and global positioning system (GPS) vendors. Our deep understanding of their products allows us to create a solution uniquely suited our government clients. Bhate’s geointegration approach utilizes vendors such as Google Earth, ESRI, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and Trimble.

Bhate can provide assessments of the client’s spatial needs to improve processes, and can plan information and technology investments and implementations. Bhate can collect and convert relevant data to build intelligent databases through multiple sources including our surveying and mapping practice; and can design spatial architectures and solutions and build spatial-overlays for mobile applications.

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Environmental CAD Services

Site Assessment Report Drawings

  • Phase I & Phase II Drawing Specialist
  • Interim Reporting Drawings
  • Corrective Action Plan Drawings
  • Remedial Action Plan Drawings
  • Conceptual Site Model Drawings

Periodic (Quarterly & Semi-Annual) Groundwater-Monitoring Report Drawing Specialist
Clean-Up (Remedial) Progress Report Drawings
Operation & Maintenance (Remediation) Report Drawings
Sample Test Point & UST Removal Maps
Remediation System Design & Construction Documents
2D & 3D Geologic Fence & Cross-Section Maps
Well Construction/Bore Hole Log Diagrams


Civil Design CAD Services

Design and Construction Documents

  • Planning
  • Site Layout
  • Surface Modeling and Mapping
  • Alignments & Profiles / Paving
  • Grading & Surface Drainage Design
  • Water System Design
  • Sanitary Sewer System Layout & Pipeline Design
  • Storm Water Collection Design
  • Plan & Profiles
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

Landfill Design

  • Drainage Design
  • Drainage Detention


  • Surface Hydrology and Drainage Design
  • Storm Water Drainage and Detention Design


GIS/CAD Services

All Digital Formats Supported
High-Resolution Image/Photo (Georeferenced)

  • Imagery Underlain
  • Imagery Draping

Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs)
2D/3D Terrain Models
Surface Modeling (ASCII/COGO/DEM)
Data Development and Automation

  • Digital GIS data from hardcopy maps and drawings
  • Geocoding and address matching
  • Data conversion, CAD to GIS transformation
  • Database design
  • Geoprocessing services
  • ESRI Geodatabase creation

Data Integration

  • Spatial data conversion and distribution
  • Format support for data translation and integration
  • Joining spatial data layers and attribute datasets
  • Rubbersheeting and layer adjustment
  • Geospatial database and data schema design
  • GPS data integration (all formats supported)
  • Loading/integrating spatial data into, SQLServer, MS Access


Groundwater Modeling/Process Optimization

Bhate offers practical, economical, and comprehensive solutions to groundwater modeling, remedial process optimization, environmental, operational, and facility problems. Our experts evaluate existing processes, systems, plans and design to optimize or upgrade facilities and improve operational efficiency. We can provide basic audits or solve specific technical issues for stand-alone problems or develop concept-through-implementation facilities.

Bhate experts use both finite element and finite difference models, such as Groundwater Vistas, Visual Modflow, Groundwater Modeling System and FEFLOW. In general, these modeling platforms are a sophisticated Windows graphical user interface for 3D groundwater flow & transport modeling. These platforms couple powerful model design systems with comprehensive graphical analysis tools. Groundwater Vistas, GMS and to a lesser degree Visual Modflow are model-independent graphical design systems for MODFLOW MODPATH (both steady-state and transient versions), MT3DMS, MODFLOWT, MODFLOW-SURFACT, MODFLOW2000, GFLOW, RT3D, PATH3D, SEAWAT and PEST, the model-independent calibration software. The advanced (stochastic) version of Groundwater Vistas provides the ideal groundwater risk assessment tool and allows for the quantification of uncertainty. Our experts also use an array of bioremediation, groundwater chemistry and water geochemistry software for aqueous geochemical data analysis. They include such programs as GMS RT3D, BIOSLURP, BioSVE, BIOCHLOR, BIOPLUME III, MNA, AquaChem and MINTEQ II among others. Our services include:

  • Simulation of groundwater flow
  • Assessment of the effects of developing a groundwater resource
  • Identification of the optimal design of groundwater development schemes
  • Management of aquifer systems
  • Evaluation of the impacts of waste disposal and mining activities on aquifer systems over time
  • Evaluation of the use of aquifers as reservoirs for heat energy storage and for groundwater recharge
  • Simulation of contaminant flow and transport
  • Evaluation of the movement and fate of dissolved and/or immiscible contaminants
  • Dissolved organic and inorganic chemical interaction
  • Expert Witness Testimony